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Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can arise from every scenario involving the use of land, be it property with a rental unit, condominium, home within a homeowner’s association, or land purchased, sold or deeded.

Make sure competent counsel handles your cases in this special area of law.

Homeowners Associations: Contact me if you as a developer working to establish an association, or as a homeowner looking for assistance in a dispute with your Association. This area of law is based heavily on what the parties to the Association agreed to when buying or selling a home within the Association. I can help you determine your rights and options.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes: Contact me if you are a landlord or tenant who feels that their lease has been breached. When this occurs, and the other party has not abided by your contract, legal assistance may be the next step to protecting your rights.

Land Use Dispute: Contact me if you have a dispute as to the use of your real estate with a neighbor or co-tenant to a property. Land use is treated specially under the law, and professional expertise can guide you to the right path towards a solution.

Real Estate Transactions: Contact me regarding the purchase, sale, or transfer of a new property. Through the Lindner Law Firm, I can assist you in accomplishing the transactional element of any real estate conveyance.